the art of living

The re-construction of this traditional stone house and its transformation into a complex of four independent and self-contained guesthouses has been materialized with special care, diligence and respect to the traditional architecture and the particular elements of the original construction.
This house has been a significant point of reference for the social life of the villagers throughout the ages, both as a place of social engagement (it was used as a secret school, during wars) as well as development of domestic handcrafts, such as silk production, through the cultivation of silkworms in the spacious main living room, and quilting, with a technique that is nowadays best known as patchwork.


The hostel is a typical example of traditional folk Cycladic architecture, as reflected by the use of local construction materials (stone, wood, etc.), consolidating the use of space of basic functions maintaining diligently traditional architectural elements such as windows, lintels, ride , pull Tinian slabs and cement, with local craftsmen and materials in combination with modern austere functional elements, thus creating a perfect aesthetic whole.

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